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Reiki Clients

"I saw Megan for my first reiki appointment ever a couple of weeks ago and had such an awesome experience. I truly wasn't sure what to expect, but the positive change in my overall energy that I felt after the appointment was undeniable. I can't wait to see her for the next one, since I know I will make even more progress and discovery! Do yourself a favor and go see Megan for a reiki session!"  Jenna Evola

"I went to Megs for my very first Reiki session. She was welcoming, helped me to feel comfortable, and left me with a sense of calm and happiness. Her therapy room is beautiful also! I highly recommend visiting Megs and Root Emotive for your health and wellness needs."  Jules Gray

"When I booked my Reiki appointment with Megan I was unsure of what to expect, but I left feeling incredibly different than when I went in. I hadn’t quite felt like myself, and in her initial evaluation of my energy centers, she showed me which ones were not properly functioning using her pendulum, and explained how they can each affect my physical and mental states of being in different ways. Her explanations made a lot of sense as to how I had been feeling. I had also been enduring upper back/neck pain ever since a snowboarding accident several years ago. After she was finished, Megan was able to visually show me the progress she made using the same pendulum. She even took a couple minutes to focus on my upper back & neck. When I got up off of the table, I seriously felt like I had just gotten a full-body massage. My back felt incredibly loose and wasn’t hurting at all, and I had taken on a very calm, grounded mental state. I highly recommend trying out Megan’s approach to this fascinating Eastern form of healing. Her room and heated table are incredible too, and upgrade the therapy into a full-on experience."  John

"My dog was suffering from a slipped disc in his neck and was in a lot of pain and extremely uncomfortable when Megs performed reiki on him. I was amazed at how he was almost instantly calm and relaxed. He closed his eyes, laid still and stopped shaking for the first time all day. I was so grateful for her help when my pup was hurt!"  Michelle

"I had my first reiki session. I had heard a lot about it and was curious about it. Megan made it very comprehensive and walked me through the experience with a pre and post consultation accompanying the session. Even though it's a few days after, I'm still feeling the pull of the work."   Patrick Tackwell

"I received my first Reiki healing from Megs a few days ago! She is an amazing healer and a natural empath! I feel she genuinely wants to help and heal others and because of her empathy and her ability to listen she is truly a gifted reiki practitioner! I highly recommend her Reiki services! 
Thanks again Megs!"

"I had my first full reiki session with Megs a few weeks ago and I was blown away at the sense of connectedness and healing I felt. Megs is a natural born healer and is incredibly in tune with herself and with spirit. She has an amazing gift and I can't wait to continue to collaborate and grow with her in the future."  Samantha

Holistic Nutrition Therapy

"My initial encounter with Megan was for Nutritional Therapy for an ongoing gastrointestinal issue that conventional medicine was not helping. Through her guidance and nutritional advice my body is actually responding and I am for the first time in several years, without 'gut' pain. I cannot believe the difference in my health since consulting with Megan. I have also had the benefit of Reiki Therapy which has changed my energy and overall emotional balance. I cannot recommend Megan and her level of knowledge highly enough. I look forward to continuing my journey to better health with her help."  Anita

"I love my sessions with Megs. She puts her whole being into her practice. She is a great person to talk to and really takes time to understand my imbalances. She is always on the forefront of any new information about wellness and is always so helpful with any questions. I am grateful to know such a gifted and knowledgable Reiki practitioner and highly recommend anyone go see Megs!"  Jack Michael