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"Today I was lucky enough to have my first Reiki session with Carson and it was a truly moving experience. I am a firm believer in the transference of energy and that your sense of well-being can be significantly altered by positive and negative energy. I woke up today with a huge cloud of stress looming over me, the kind where everything seems too overwhelming to think straight. When Carson and I talked about my state of being, I told her that I wanted to focus on my clarity and my sense of self, that I wanted to feel more grounded and present. I also talked about this pain I've been carrying in my upper back. During my session, I felt such a sense of energy and stress release that it was a surprisingly emotional experience. I think taking the time out of life's chaos to focus on myself and be alone in my being was both calming and intense. Carson has always had a tremendous aura, one that you can feel her energy just by being around her. Today was a blessing and there is no doubt it came on the right day. Thank you Carson, I feel lighter, more aware and have a renewed sense of purpose. My emotional wake is more clear and my body feels like it got the most positive energy massage that cured my stress knots. Thank you."          
M.K., Highlands Ranch   💜
"I conducted my first session with Carson about a week ago. I was not skeptical going in, but I didn't know what to expect or have high expectations of the possible outcomes.  As it turns out, this was the perfect thing for me to do at this time in my life (unknowns with my job, relationship ups and downs, etc. etc.) because I had no idea what areas of my life or my body were blocking my progress. I'm not an expert on Reiki yet, but I can tell you I felt physically and mentally impacted. I felt great burdens lifted and a sense of peace that was new for me. Most of all, it gave me awareness and new things to think about and be observant of. I am looking forward to the next session!"   S.J., Arvada, COM.K.
"My Reiki session w/ Carson was perfect!  She is a wise and gentle soul and she is filled with so much love and gratitude that being around her brings you absolute comfort.  I very much recommend.  Thanks again Carson for your awesomeness!"  J.V.P., Denver, CO
Every time I have a reiki session, I just get a feeling of incredible peace over myself and my whole body."  S.U., Kearney, NE
"Carson helped me discover where I needed some love and healing!  She provides such a relaxing and calming experience!  She is very knowledgeable and has wonderful energy!  Can't wait till my next session!"  S.V., Denver, CO
"This was an incredible experience working with Carson and her healing tools.  I feel so comfortable just chatting with her before and after this total body and mind experience.  In just a short time I feel like I am more aware of my own self and areas that may be closed or blocked.  I also walked away with some ways to continue the healing, and ways to open the blocked areas.  I really enjoy and value the opportunity to unlock my inner happiness and be free to share with others.  So Just Do It!"  B.S., Kearney, NE
"I had my first Reiki session without any idea of what I wanted to gain from it. I knew Reiki was somehow energy related, but that's the extent. I'm always game to try something new and if this was something I could do to help . . . MYSELF, I was absolutely on board . . . .  We started by sitting outside and talking about the things going on in my life, any issues or concerns I may have and ultimately what to expect during the session.  The session itself was relaxing. I was completely comfortable and open to the experience. Carson is such a warm and loving person that it doesn't matter if you're working in an office with her or you're in her home and she's touching your feet through a sheet ~ you're at ease. You're safe. You trust that no matter what is happening, good things will come. And for me, that's what happened.  When the session ended she asked me how I felt and any thoughts I had. Then she gave me some feedback and told me some things that I should think about and some things that I should DO.  At the end of the day, I couldn't be more happy with my first experience and I really look forward to my next sessions.  Energy is a very real thing. It moves, it festers, it releases. I'm excited to learn more about what's going on in my body and then making adjustments and learning new things to help make some changes that need to be made."      C.F., Aurora, CO
"I went in for a Reiki and Emotion Code session.  Both were very informative and I walked out with a reflection and understanding that I had no known before.  Before the Reiki session, I did not mention the pain in my knee for over ten years; however, this was brought up in the Reiki session and healed.  It has been over a month and I have no knee pain.  I was surprised that a Reiki session healed my body physically.  I will go back!" C.Q., Westminster, CO

Emotion Code Clients

"Carson has transformed my life in many ways, but she is legitimate with Reiki and most recently I was introduced to the Emotion Code.  It was so very interesting to see what could be clocking me from my highest happiness.  Carson is so professional she somehow unlocks the problems of the past.  I highly recommend her.  Just do it!  You will not regret it!"  T.S., Denver, CO
"After my first Emotion Code session with Carson I immediately went home and booked another!  I am grateful for her gentle guidance, her space holding and being the conduit for this incredible healing modality."  M.Q., Westminster, CO

"Carson has skills like no other!  I recommend her Reiki sessions and Emotion Code to anyone who might be interested."  A.M., Holdrege, NE

Coaching Clients

"I needed to process through so many confusing (but also exciting) elements of my life, and a random internet search led me to Carson.  She creates a judgement-free safe space and provides sessions filled with wisdom and gentle nudges to try things and think about things differently, which helped me find the answers that I so desperately sought.  She is a jewel of a human.  If you're stuck - go see Carson - who lovingly guides you to get not just unstuck, but SO excited about your life!"  T.S. Denver, CO
"I have had the absolute pleasure to have Carson Martin help me through her work at A Grounding Place.  Not only does Carson have the unique ability to put in to perspective things that seem like absolute catastrophe for me, but she has the calming ability and talent to be able to put my body at ease as well with the Reiki sessions.  When I have had the opportunity to connect with Carson, I always come away with a sense of well being and calm that I have not been able to capture at any other time in my life.  Carson helped me realize that my priorities were out of whack and that it was affecting my body and mind. While I have not made all the changes that Carson gently suggested, I am well on my path. I highly recommend trying a session with Carson for either Life Coaching or Reiki or both as you will not regret what this special person can help you achieve in your life.  I feel blessed that I have gotten the opportunity to meet Carson and will continue to cherish what she has brought to me and will continue to bring to my life."  Terri S., Phoenix, AZ