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Should I get Reiki?


Should you get Reiki?



Are you stressed?

Stress comes in many forms, and in my opinion, can stem from both positive and negative stimuli.  Reiki can help your body let go of stress and bring you closer to state of relaxation and clarity.

Do you desire a stronger spiritual connection?

Reiki is not affiliated with any religion; rather, it fosters your connection with your higher, spiritual self.  Reiki can assist in connecting (or reconnecting) you with your personal spirituality. Spirituality is different for every individual, and Reiki Therapy honors whichever form your own spirituality takes.

Do you dislike being touched?

Many people long to experience the relaxation associated with a massage, but just don't like to be touched. While Reiki and massage have different benefits, they do have one very important benefit in common - they promote relaxation and stress relief. Reiki is performed with the client fully clothed which can help those sensitive to touch experience getting on a table to be pampered.  

Are you confused?

Are you having trouble making a big decision?  Are you have trouble making decisions in general? Is your mind racing? Are you feeling bouts of anxiety? Reiki can help you think and see more clearly by allowing your mind to release those spinning thoughts we all get.

Are you in pain?

We all feel pain, some of us more than others.  Perhaps you suffer from a chronic condition, or perhaps you're experiencing acute pain that doesn't want to leave your body.  Reiki allows you to let go of thoughts that no longer suit you which can manifest as pain in your body.    

Are you struggling with your emotions?

Emotions should not be ignored, they should be processed.  Reiki can help you let go of negative thoughts and feelings to clear space for more positive thoughts and feelings to enter your body. 

Are you fighting an illness or disease?

Reiki is being increasingly recognized as a beneficial therapy for cancer patients (read about it here!).  It can also benefit those struggling with heart disease, depression and anxiety.