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Juice Plus+ , Young Living Essential Oils, "World's Finest" Dead Sea Salt

juice plus+

Learn how to bridge the gap between what you SHOULD eat, and what you DO eat.  Juice Plus will help you jump-start healthy changes in your life. 



Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.  At A Grounding Place, I use essentail oils during Reiki Therapy sessions to enhance the experience and assist in relaxation.  My family and I use Young Living essential oils and products because of their purity and quality.  Be sure to read the Essential Oil Safety Guide before you get started.

I sell select oils at A Grounding Place, or you can order online by clicking here

Learn about my favorite oils here!

Dead Sea Salts

Dead Sea Salts are great for stress relief, dry itchy skin, and for clearing away negative energy. A regular soak in a Dead Sea Salt bath leaves you feeling relaxed and clear-headed.  Dead Sea Salts are also useful for clearing stale or negative energy from crystals, which is important for maximizing their effectiveness. Unfortunately, some products are overpriced and contain few vital minerals.  My favorite - and most affordable - Dead Sea Salt to use is from Dead Sea Warehouse.  I buy it at my local natural foods store, but you can also buy it online.