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Laurie Albetta

Laurie Albetta


Laurie's fascination with energy started when she was a young girl, when she discovered that she was able to see and feel energy differently. This led her to experimenting with moving energy with various techniques as a teenager, but at the time, she did not know the depth of what energy healing could do for the body. However, this curiosity helped her begin on her spiritual path.

In 2004, Laurie trained to become certified as a Sivananda Yoga Teacher. She practiced as a teacher until she got into her “mainstream” career as a video editor in NYC.

Despite a healthy lifestyle, in 2012, her health took an unexpected turn for the worse. She suffered from an autoimmune condition, a host of digestive and hormonal issues, extreme food sensitivities and severe anxiety. She had to slow down, go inside, and figure out how to heal herself, as well as make peace with the illness. She would slowly get better through alternative treatments and lots of inner healing. In this time, she moved to Colorado and got certified as an Herbalist, a Reiki Master Teacher, as well as a Crystal Reiki Master Teacher. Her other career as a video editor has led her to work at Gaia TV in Louisville, CO, where she edits subscription TV shows on subjects such as alternative healing, plant medicines, and meditation.

Laurie believes that her empathic and intuitive abilities allow her to gain special insights into a client's imbalances and helps her to realign them. By using reiki, crystals, essential oils and sound vibrations, she is able to balance the energy channels in the body. She is passionate about helping people to heal through energy work, as well as changing perspectives and unconscious habits. By helping clients to tune into their own intuitive abilities, Laurie believes that everyone has the capacity to heal.