A Grounding Place


"A truly moving experience."

Learn to connect with your Higher Self.

Are you committed to making emotional and spiritual shifts that lead to a new sense of happiness and peace?  


A Grounding Place uses Reiki Healing, Emotion Code Healing, and Wellness Coaching to:

Facilitate breakthroughs and energetic shifts necessary for you to live your purpose.

Shed negative energy and old thought patterns that no longer serve your true purpose.

Open your consciousness and energy field to receive energies of love and light.

"I have had the absolute pleasure to have Carson Martin help me through her work at A Grounding Place.  Not only does Carson have the unique ability to put in to perspective things that seem like absolute catastrophe for me, but she has the calming ability and talent to be able to put my body at ease as well with the Reiki sessions.  When I have had the opportunity to connect with Carson, I always come away with a sense of well being and calm that I have not been able to capture at any other time in my life.  Carson helped me realize that my priorities were out of whack and that it was affecting my body and mind."  T.S., Phoenix, AZ 

Reiki classes are offered every month!

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