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Carson Martin

Carson Martin

I use oracle cards on a regular basis - I find they provide me direction when I’m lost, confidence when I’ve got none, and the harsh truth when necessary. I use cards when working with Reiki clients, coaching clients, and friends. And, each time I give a reading, I learn something new about the cards and something new about myself.

I work with three different decks: The Rider Tarot Deck, Life Purpose Oracle Cards, and Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Cards. Based on your question, I will choose the deck that is most appropriate. However, if you prefer I use a specific deck, please let me know.


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Begin the process by sending me your question. Formulate your question carefully. Good questions involve your willingness to be open and honest. Good questions will warrant a reading that offers guidance and self-reflection. Therefore, it’s best to use “what” and “how” questions. For example, “What is my purpose?” and “What is the lesson here?” are great “what” questions. “How do I” or “How can I” questions are also good questions to ask.

Next, submit your payment. Once I receive your payment, you will receive your reading via within 72 hours.

Exchange: $19

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