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Discover your purpose.

I am currently accepting two new coaching clients.

My 8-week Transformational Program is offered to those who are committed to making real change.  

Working with me takes dedication, a willingness to explore your past in relation to your goals and life purpose, and an openness to multiple viewpoints.  As a result, my clients experience an awakening of their consciousness, an ability to change their life habits, and a renewed sense of purpose.  

This program is meant for people who:

  • Desire a (re)connection to their spiritual life.
  • Are ready to break free from their past so that it no longer affects their present and future.  This can include releasing old relationships, old failures, or lost loved ones.
  • Long to discover their life purpose.
  • Need to find balance between work, family, and self-care.
  • Are unable to find traction and constantly spin their wheels, getting nowhere.
  • Need to learn to protect themselves from other peoples' energies, emotions, and attitudes.
  • Want to release emotional baggage for good.

My 8-week transformational program includes:

  • One 90-minute opening session where we will discover your challenges, blockages, fears, goals, and intentions for pursuing your transformation.
  • Four in-person 75-minute Energy Healing sessions (to occur biweekly) designed to release old patterns of thought, bad habits, and destructive energies. 
  • Three 75-minute Strategy Sessions (to occur biweekly) to develop alternate viewpoints, challenge old and unhelpful belief systems, and/or create steps for healing.  These Strategy Sessions can be held over the phone/Skype/Facetime or in-person.
  • Access to Text/Email communication with me between 9am and 8pm daily throughout the duration of your program.  This access is designed for you to ask questions, share insights, or alert me of breakthroughs when they occur.  I will reply the same day, unless I am otherwise committed to family activities or off the grid for my own detox and rejuvenation (I will always let you know of my down-times beforehand).
  • Four 30-minute Phone Check-Ins to occur during the same week as your Energy Healing sessions.
  • Homework, exercises and activities designed to enhance your transformation experience.

As a Transformational Coach, it is my responsibility to commit to your process.  I believe a good coach is one who is actively learning and seeking to improve her life alongside her clients.  I have my own struggles - I am not perfect.  I am learning about myself and the world every day.  While our sessions will be focused on you and your desires, I will share my own experiences to show you that you are not alone. The changes you seek will come, as long as you put in the work.  

Purchase My 8-Week Transformational Program (Valued at $1240):

  • $900, paid in full
  • Two payments of $460  
  • Four payments of $240  

To express your interest in this program, click "I Am Ready" to get the process started.

Due to my schedule, it may take anywhere from one to three weeks to schedule your first appointment. 


"I have had the absolute pleasure to have Carson Martin help me through her work at A Grounding Place.  Not only does Carson have the unique ability to put in to perspective things that seem like absolute catastrophe for me, but she has the calming ability and talent to be able to put my body at ease as well with the Reiki sessions.  When I have had the opportunity to connect with Carson, I always come away with a sense of well being and calm that I have not been able to capture at any other time in my life.  Carson helped me realize that my priorities were out of whack and that it was affecting my body and mind. 

I highly recommend trying a session with Carson for either Life Coaching or Reiki or both as you will not regret what this special person can help you achieve in your life.  I feel blessed that I have gotten the opportunity to meet Carson and will continue to cherish what she has brought to me and will continue to bring to my life."  Terri S., Phoenix, AZ

As an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, I help clients become empowered to make the changes they desire and move toward wholeness and balance in their lives. Imbalances can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, overeating/emotional eating, depression, dissatisfaction with career and relationships, or an overall feeling of being "stuck."

Coaching is for people who are committed to making changes, yet are unsure of what those changes should look or feel like.  It's also great for people who feel unsatisfied with their current surroundings, relationships, work, or physical well-being

To get a better understanding of the coaching methods used at A Grounding Place, it is important to understand that coaching is not therapy or counseling.  It does not seek to replace or conflict with the advice of medical professionals.  It is, however, a system that helps you identify the root of your challenges and then, most importantly, develops specific ACTIONS you can take to move you toward balance.